Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tips to earning income online with lots of valid proof. Blogging & More.

I would like to say sorry to all my viewers for I haven't been active the last week. I will explain below.

The last week has been undreadfully hot in Nova Scotia! So unfortunately, I haven't found the time to put my excruitinally hot laptop on my lap since i'm warm enough! I been cooling off, trying to stay out of the sun for the last couple of day's. And tonight we have got a severe thunder storm warning including high winds, rain and hail. I am kind of excited for this though, as i've been waiting for a thunder storm all summer! And the high wind is just a bonus ( Maybe my apartment will get cooled down) 

Anyways, here's an update on my progress earning income online so far. Below is a picture of my paypal account, the only one i've ever owned. This is not some trick photo, and it's not for an amount that's going to blow your mind. But I've been experiencing trial & error as well as I haven't put a cent into what I have earned! And still haven't redeemed on quite a few websites. 

As you can see I have $13.34 Completed paymentss in my account on this date, since then my payment from QRIKET has been completed so my account is actually around $18.50 ATM. 
I also made my FIRST redemption on Bubblews and am sooooo beyond happy the payment went through stress free! Now just to wait for it to complete :) So that right there is approx $40.00 in income earned FREE just from last week! I want to stress to everyone how truly great of a website Bubblews truly is. You literally earn the income from what you would do anyways! Without having to invest a dime! They share 50/50 revenue with users but PLEASE read the rules & regulations before writing. They are very strict on their rules and if caught breaking one you risk losing your redemption and getting $0.00 in return! You won't get banned, but you will lose pending payment.
The most important rules are 

  1. No sharing affiliate links!
  2. Must be original content, not copy & pasted from the web.
  3. Each article over 400 charactors 
There is more rules so make sure to check them out but those are the ones I personally think you should keep in mind! 

To join bubblews Please use my affiliate link by clicking here

I just redeemed the other day and already earned $6.73 towards my next redemption! Which i'm assuming will be within the next week if I speed up my pace a little bit, maybe I need to invest in a window fan? Anyways.... back to earning money on Bubblews you can blog about ANYTHING your little heart desires! The money will add up slowly for your first redemption because you are new to the site, so what do you need to do to speed things up? Connect! Making connections is ESSENTIAL for earning on bubblews. This takes no time, everytime you log in, spend 10 minutes connecting with others, reading articles, commenting on others articles, just keep connecting and you will earn more connections! 
As you can see in the picture above, I have 276 Connections, some on the site have more then 2000 connections, I dream of someday having that many, I can only imagine the amounts they earn per post. Oh, Silly me.. I forgot to mention there is a daily limit on posts of 10! You can NOT post more then 10 articles a day! Make your posts meaningful and informative, share them on social networks and the money will come! 

Another website I am really enjoying is ClixSense it is a PTC website, with offers, tasks, games and so much more! I didn't earn much the first few days but after I got used to the website and learned more about it I started to earn more! 

If you are a premium member you can cash out at $6 and if you are a free member you can cash out at $8.00 it really is a great site, there is loads to do on it you could NEVER run out of ways to make money on this website! If you want to join please use My affiliate link by clicking here . It will help alot! 
I hope you learn from my post, and once again sorry for no updates for the last week but I hope this will make up for it :) Have a great evening ppl! 

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