Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bubblews Earn money.

On Bubblews you earn money basically for blogging, You can write about ANYTHING your mind desires and earn money fast by receiving likes,comments,shares and views on your posts! There's a limit of 10 posts per day so be careful not to write to much boring stuff that people won't really find interest in until you get more connections.
So you're probably wondering now, wait what? What are connections. Connections are other members on Bubblews. Once you connect to them, Everytime they make a new post, you get a notification. So you are more likely to see your connections posts more then someone your not connected to, and when you connect to someone, chances are they will connect back. Very simple, Spend 30 mins or a half hour making connections before even making your first post because connections are a necessity to earning money on Bubblew.
How to find connections? When you connect to someone, first write on their wall. Say "Happy Bubbling!" Or anything really. Happy bubbling is way over used but a quick simple post. When people are looking for connections on their connections walls they'll see your post and a few will probably connect to you in hopes to get a connect back. This is exactly what you'll do to find connections fast, You'll need to find someones wall to post on first so head over to a categorie read one and click on the writers name. Connect and connect to people posting on their wall!
They are a legitimate site. A few people complain about the money taking long to get out but it is always sent out! Some people redeem daily on there, Sometimes you'll get the money a couple days after you redeem but others have reported it taking 2 weeks before. Bubblews had apologized for the inconvenience due to complaints, But really it's free money... Who are we to complain for earning money with little to no effort and having fun while doing it :)
It truly is my favorite site to earn money on! Click here for my referral link to bubblews . It is a completely free website! Enjoy

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