Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hi there, Welcome to my FIRST POST! I have had a previous blog, but it had a mixture of things on it and I wanted to devote a blog simply to earning income online only! I am a stay-at-home mom so I am constantly searching for things online to help do my part. I want to share my adventure with you, and hopefully we can all earn some potential income.
So first thing's first, My current favorite website to earn income on is Bubblews, It is a website where you can blog simply like this and earn money based on the views, likes and comments that post receives. The more connections you make the more income you will earn. It's all about connections, Basically connect to ANYONE you can on the site and you will maximize your views and then maximize your income. I am just new to the site, but within less then 2 Weeks I have earned $13.00 And please keep in mind for the first week I was kind of self-learning on how to get views. It is so easy and you can talk to wonderful people, and post about literally anything!
Another great site I use is ClixSense, It is a PTC website. It has hundreds of ad's available to click, As well as surveys, offers, tasks and some great games. It's worth a shot to look at. If you have a prepaid credit card or such you can earn lots. I find alot of the offers are free, but require a credit card. The money adds up slowly, But it has potential. I've only earned about $5 so far, but I put less then a hour into the site.


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